Previous incidents

March 2024
Mar 12, 2024
1 incident

Inlocuire UPS


Resolved Mar 12 at 09:30am EET

Vom inlocui UPS-ul la care este conectat Node 2, deoarece prezinta performante reduse.

February 2024
No incidents reported
January 2024
Jan 22, 2024
1 incident

Lucram la remedierea serviciilor


Resolved Jan 22 at 12:29pm EET

Lucram la remedierea serviciilor de pe servere.

Jan 21, 2024
1 incident

Investigam problema la servere.


Resolved Jan 21 at 08:25pm EET

Investigam problema recent aparuta la servere.

Jan 10, 2024
1 incident

Node 2 Upgrade


Resolved Jan 10 at 05:30pm EET

Node 2 is getting a RAM Upgrade.

Jan 05, 2024
1 incident

Checking SSDs


Resolved Jan 05 at 01:20pm EET

We are checking the server SSDs.

Jan 04, 2024
2 incidents

CPU replace


Resolved Jan 04 at 03:55pm EET

We think that the CPU is faulty. We are changing the CPU.

Storage Upgrade


Resolved Jan 04 at 01:20pm EET

Node 4 is getting a storage Upgrade.

Jan 03, 2024
1 incident

Node 1 Maintenance


Resolved Jan 03 at 12:30pm EET

We are resolving the unexpected restart problem. We are checking the RAM memories, the CPU and the Motherboard.